What to Expect

Reliant is a community of believers that desire to live out the Christian life to the fullest. We are producing Jesus followers of faith that expand God's kingdom. As we gather together for strength and encouragement, we are very intentional about forming relationships in our community and other parts of the world for an opportunity to share the love of Christ. 

  • The dress is casual. 
  • The music is modern.  
  • The preaching is biblical. 
  • And the coffee is hot.

Take a moment to watch the 2:00 video on the purpose of the church located at the bottom of the page. 


What's Next?

Reliant is all about building new relationships and the most

important one being with God. 


Step 1: Attend a Sunday morning church gathering. 

Step 2: Sign up for a Discipleship group and let someone guide you through the scriptures. 

Step 3: Use your time, talent, and treasure to see others follow Jesus.  

Click Here to Serve.

"Ministry Runs on the Rails of Relationships"