Welcome to Reliant Ministries

Reliant opened it's doors in March 2016 with a specific misson in mind: to produce Jesus follower of faith that expand God's kingdom. We believe the key to this mission is reaching out into our community and building strong lasting relationships through which we can share the love of Christ.  We are honored that you have joined us toay.  We are here to serve your through prayer and spiritual guidance that will enrich your life. 

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Pastor Bill is dedicated to the proclamation of God's Word and the care of God's people.  His heart is to see you grow in your person walk with the Lord and your collective contribution to build the kingdom of God. 

We have a saying around here, "You can come as you are, you just can't stay as you is."  When God begins to work in your life, you can't help but fall in love with Him and be transformed by his power. 

On the home page you will find a set of interactive button that will allow you to connect with us.  So please, Let us know how we can help you.