Giving to Reliant is Simple and Secure

The Current Challenge!
Our area is full of generational brokenness and dysfunction in the homes of our community. There are many fathers that grew up fatherless and mothers playing both roles in the home. The children are without hope, fully expecting to repeat the lives of their parents.

The Hope for Change!
The heartbeat of Reliant is “Relational Reconciliation.” This is fleshed out by taking people right where they are and loving them into the truth of God’s Word and way. If knowledge is the path of discipleship, love is the vehicle to move us down that path.

Relational Reconciliation is our approach in ministering to the entire family unit. 

  • Through life-to-life discipleship, both men and women experience “Relational Reconciliation” and rediscover their God-given position and purpose within the family and community.
  • A small group approach to life skills training for parenting and marriage that will bring the family unit closer to together as they become closer to God.
  • There is an intentional focus on the youth and children to expand their foundation of love and unity, as well as in their family and community.