Rebuilding Our Community

Our community is full of generational brokenness and dysfunction. We believe discipleship is the answer to producing generational transformation in the family of our community. The heartbeat of Reliant is "Relational Reconciliation." The gospel of Jesus Christ breaks the dysfunction cycle by taking people right where they are and loving them into God's Word and way. Love is the vehicle that restores the soul to God once again.


"Relational Reconciliation" is administered to the entire family unit. Through life-to-life discipleship, both men and women rediscover their God-given position and purpose within the family and community. An intentional focus on the youth and children expands their foundation of love and unity in their family and community.


The Challenges Facing our Community

The Bible has become irrelevant to the people of our community. They no longer look to it for life's answers or guidance. The gospel is not reaching the family unit deep enough to change its trajectory. We must teach Biblical principles in a more relevant way that exposes the truth and heals the soul. When the people of our community begin to walk in biblical wisdom, it will raise the competencies necessary to produce lasting transformation for generations to come and build the Kingdom of God.

What Must Be Done?

Buy Our Land

Our current location doesn't allow us to build the facility necessary to house the training and outreach we desire. Therefore,  Reliant has placed a contract on 28 acres on Villa Rica highway next to Paulding County High School. 

Land Cost:                                                     $385,000


Build the Reliant Community and Worship Center

In 2021-2022, Reliant will raise $500,000 to build the new community and worship center.  


What if we could build a new Family Community Center that would first and foremost serve the community throughout the week with after school programs and classes intended to produce the necessary skills and facilitate spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. This community center would also be where the Reliant church family would meet for worship and discipleship.


Bless Our Community

Being a blessing to our community is a non-negotiable for us. We desire to share love and hope in our surrounding area that can only found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must continue to partner with schools, businesses, and other organizations meeting felt needs.


Therefore, we will give 10% of everything we raise to the community as a love offering. Our tithe back into the people God desires to save.